The wine cellarOur family estate sells only wines resulting from our own production located in heart of the Alsace vineyard between Colmar and Ribeauville, also named "Les Perles du Vignoble" The pearls of the Vineyard.

The winemaking is made in barrels of oak, not only by tradition, but because our conviction is that a natural element makes it possible to develop and to preserve the flavour which make the reputation of a wine.

The extraordinary variety of grapes and the complexity of our soils determine a very diversified wine pallet, and following this mind we suggest our "Cuvées Passion" Passion Vintages which are the result of a selection of the soils.

Our estate appears in the "Guide des Vins de France" Guide of the Wines of France (Patrick Dussert Gerber - Editions Albin Michel) since 1982, as in "Millésime" Vintages (Patrick Dussert Gerber - Editions Albin Michel) where we obtain very good comments. Our Tokay Pinot Gris appears at the top list of the First classified great wines. Our late harvest Gewurztraminer and the Cremant d'Alsace are also quoted in the Second classified great wines.

Comment from Mr. Patrick DUSSERT.

The wineyard at the foot of the VosgesA wine grower very attached to putting grass in the vines. This improves the structure of the ground by the contribution of organic matter and brings up this excellent Tokay Pinot Gris, regularly charmer, quite dry, quite fruity, with the intense and subtle nose at the same time, of a great aromatic persistence. Superb late harvest Gewurztraminer, traditional and tasty to the nose, dominated by the flowers and the gingerbread. Of course the Riesling remains our speciality. Of an exquisite smoothness, full and persistent vanilla flavour, triumph of the Alsace soil, incomparable with the entree, fish and the seafood.